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This is our honor to share Royal brand story with you,

Royal – started its journey in early 2016. We are focusing on only one issue that no imported goods in Bangladesh. We will provide the alternatives. No need to spend our valuable foreign currency. Better country’s money, stayed in our country.

Royal Values:

  1. Customer first 2. After Sales service 3. Professional commitment 4. Quality 5. Patriotism 6. Honesty

As a customer-oriented company, we commit to the perfection workmanship and provide intelligent total solution to our customers. It is our mission to bring the stylish design, quality products and professional service from our dedicated team.

Royal strategic planning for the next 5 years is to enhance our brand image and market shares in Bangladesh and other emerging markets.

I sincerely appreciate your support to Royal and invite you to visit our new Gallery-Planners tower, Hatirpool ,Dhaka. And Manufacturing Bases-Narayangonj,Bangladesh.

Royal introduces new manufacturing power and design innovation. We are opening a new page, upgrading our company to become a leader in bathroom fittings industry in Bangladesh.

Now, Royal is bringing Korea & China factors and new energy into the Bangladesh market, from branding, design, production, sales network to strategic alliance, precise at every aspect, every move is full of enthusiasm and the mark of Bangladeshi brand.

We strong believe, a successful brand never stop innovating, it grows with the market, changes for the customers. Royal people have unlimited imagination, determination to strive for excellence. Every detail, every phase, everything of Royal must be improving every day, it is the cohesion within Royal and it is the only way we can make Royal be recognized, be loved around the world.

About Royal

We provide total solution for kitchen and bathroom to high-end customers with full ranges of sanitary products.

Roots of Royal

Our Honorable founder led the brand to a new height. The bathroom products with various models sold well in the domestic market and established our leading status in the bathroom fittings industry.

Royal Philosophy

Bathroom is not only a private space for shower but also a place to relax and gain inspiration.
Bathroom products have to fulfill users’ habit and preferences, moreover, evoke our natural character.
So, as always, Royal design keep innovating and breaking traditions.

It’s Royal mission to create you a prestigious living space and lighten up your life.


Technological innovation constitutes an essential element for achieving progressive development and permanent improvement in any activity. For this reason, state-of-the-art technology is used in all its subsidiaries and all phases of the production process.

Royal innovation, in all steps like, product conception and design to manufacture, logistics, Customer service and distribution. Technological excellence, facilitating the creation of synergies and guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the production process. On the basis of the wealth of experience obtained in all our production centers, the Technology Department devotes its efforts to continuing to perfect the whole process of developing and manufacturing new products in order to maintain our leading position in industrial and technological capacity.

Royal’s constant technological innovation has just one aim: to give its customers the best possible service. For this reason, its R&D analyzes the needs and tastes of society to adapt the company’s products to new market conditions. This adaptation process is not only carried out on the basis of aesthetic principles and modernity but is also generated with the aim of improving people’s quality of life

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